MSNBC’s Jolly: Impeachment ‘Reflected the Strength’ and ‘Greatness of the Republic’


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MSNBC’s post-impeachment vote coverage on Wednesday was predictably littered with former Republicans, ready, willing, and able to disingenuously express dismay about the state of the GOP and hail Democrats as saviors (while still insisting they hold conservative principles). For The Last Word, former GOP Congressmen Tom Coleman (MO) and David Jolly (FL) filled that role.

Asked to react to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to, as of late Wednesday night, delay submitting the articles to the Senate and thus delay the Senate trial, Jolly reminded MSNBC viewers why he belongs to the farcical wing of politics alongside the likes of The Bulwark, Tom Nichols, Jennifer Rubin, and Rick Wilson.

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