MSNBC Slams GOP Over 'Irresponsible' 'Politics of Fear' on Ebola


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<p>After citing numerous Republicans on the campaign trail criticizing the Obama administration&#39;s handling of the ebola crisis, on Thursday, MSNBC <em>Daily Rundown</em> host Craig Melvin <strong>condemned such criticism as &quot;the politics of fear&quot; and &quot;irresponsible.&quot;</strong></p>

<p>NBC&#39;s senior political editor Mark Murray agreed with Melvin&#39;s accusation:</p>

<p class="rteindent1">You know, Craig, <strong>we&#39;ve seen the politics of fear work in the past.</strong> In 2002, right after the 9/11 attacks, that was a dominant story. <strong>Republicans were able to capitalize right after 9/11.</strong> <strong>The 2004 presidential election was largely fought on the politics of fear.</strong> And this honestly is terrain where the Republican Party&#39;s a lot more comfortable in having debates with the Democratic Party.</p>

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