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On MSNBC, Sinbad Slams ‘Atrocious’ Shutdown by ‘Fool’ Trump Who Deserves ‘A Pimp Slap’


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Along with New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay’s non-sense early Wednesday hours after the State of the Union, actor and comedian Sinbad joined MSNBC’s late-night coverage and slammed President Trump as a “fool” who “doesn’t feel anything” and carried out an “atrocious” government shutdown. He also added that he should have been given “a pimp slap” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“The shutdown, first of all, was atrocious. It was — what he did to the American people, what he did to his own people. What he did to our people....[I]t was unbelievable and he was trying to play that game of I'm bigger than you....and it didn't happen and I appreciate Nancy Pelosi and all those who stood strong,” Sinbad stated.

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