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MSNBC: ‘Christian Fascist’/’Hitler’ Trump ‘Wants to Be President for Life’


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Don’t worry! MSNBC host Donny Deutsch told his handful of viewers during Saturday Night Politics that his “head's not spinning in circles” and he’s “not going crazy”, but he did lead yet another panel discussion about how President Trump was theoretically/basically becoming the Adolf Hitler of 2019 in many ways.

In a segment dubbed “could it happen here”, Deutsch again played around with the idea that Trump was constructing Nazi Germany in our own backyards. “During last week's show two days after Trump's harrowing North Carolina rally, lowlighted by racial chants of ‘send her back’, we posed the question: Could it happen here? It’s nine days later and we're still asking the question,” he announced.

“[T]here's so many stunning parallels to what Hitler was doing in the early ‘30s,” Deutsch proclaimed, as if he were an intellectual. “Once again, I'm not saying Trump is going to slaughter 6 million Jews”, but Deutsch was going to trivialize the Holocaust and the atrocities of World War II and make the unjustified comparisons anyway.


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