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'Meet the Press' Panel: If GOP Wins Senate, They'd Better Not Oppose ObamaCare


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<p>At the end of Sunday&#39;s NBC <em>Meet the Press</em>, moderator Chuck Todd led his panel of guests in warning Republicans against any effort to oppose ObamaCare if they win the Senate majority in the upcoming midterm election: &quot;...the biggest, I would argue, false promise of the...midterm campaign has been about [repealing] the Affordable Care Act....[Mitch McConnell&#39;s] never gonna have the ability to do it.&quot;</p>

<p><em>Politico&#39;s</em> Manu Raju asserted: &quot;That&#39;s right. Even if he gets the majority, it&#39;s going to be a 51-49 majority.&quot; Todd wondered: &quot;Are Republicans over-promising here? Because their base is gonna expect to see that and it ain&#39;t gonna happen.&quot; Raju agreed: &quot;It isn&#39;t gonna happen.&quot;</p>

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