Lincoln Project's Schmidt Justifies COVID-Inauguration Hypocrisy


[See NewsBusters for more.] MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle pointed out on her Tuesday show that if it were Donald Trump being sworn in for a second term on Wednesday then he would be roundly condemned for holding another COVID super-spreader event, but that President-elect Biden has escaped that criticism. None of that mattered to the Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt who wanted to focus on the "majesty" that will come with Biden's inauguration and the historic nature of Kamala Harris' vice presidency.

In a rare moment of media self-awareness, Ruhle told Schmidt, "Steve, it will be a smaller inauguration ceremony, but they’re still having one in person and, let’s be honest, you know if President Trump did this, he would be getting crushed for holding a super-spreader event. We’d all be saying it."

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