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Liberal MSNBC Panel Pans NY Times Story on Romney's California Home


When even a panel of liberal journalists thinks the New York Times has
gone too far with its Romney-bashing, you know the paper's descending to
uncomfortable subterranean depths of bias. With the lone exception of
Jodi Kantor, herself a New York Times reporter, the members of today's
Now with Alex Wagner panned the Times for its Home section front-pager
about Romney's La Jolla, California, home, <a href="… Candidate Next Door."</a>&nbsp;
The story was written by political writer Michael Barbaro in a section
that usually has to do interior decorating and other apolitical domestic
"Can I call bull on this?" Nation magazine contributor Ari Melber
asked. "What they've done here is taken a campaign reporter who covers
the campaign with a really thin, silly story, and then put it in the
home section."</p><p><br />Read more at <a href="…; target="_blank"></a></p>

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