Joe Klein: Trump Supporters ‘Are a Real Threat’ to America; ‘I Like Jeb Bush an Awful Lot’


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<p><em>Time</em> columnist Joe Klein followed up his fawning profile of Hillary Clinton in the magazine&rsquo;s latest issue with an appearance on Charlie Rose&rsquo;s PBS show Tuesday night and condemned Donald Trump supporters as<strong> &ldquo;a real threat to this country,&rdquo;</strong> decried the lack of center in American politics, and professed his admiration for Jeb Bush.</p>

<p>Near the top of the show, Klein seized his first speaking opportunity to lament that it was <strong>&ldquo;amazing&rdquo;</strong> that<strong> &ldquo;one-third&rdquo; </strong>of New Hampshire voters backed Trump despite him being someone<strong> &ldquo;who doesn&#39;t know anything except to say evil things about other people.&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong></p>

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