Jay Leno Returns to The Tonight Show to Pan the Economy, Hillary, O’Malley, ObamaCare


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<p>Promoting his new show set to premiere Wednesday on CNBC, Jay Leno made his return to NBC&rsquo;s <em>The Tonight Show </em>on Tuesday night to give a portion of the opening monologue in which he poked fun at Hillary Clinton, Martin O&rsquo;Malley, Republicans, ObamaCare, and the economy to name a few targets.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Standing in for current host Jimmy Fallon, Leno opened his over three-minute-plus abbreviated monologue with a slight to ultra-liberal Ralph Nader and recent criticism of Clinton: <strong>&ldquo;See, this. Ralph Nader called Hillary Clinton a corporatist and a militarist. Isn&#39;t that unbelievable? Ralph Nader is still alive.&quot;</strong></p>

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