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Irony: Trevor Noah Slams 'Childish' Dianne Feinstein For Her Response to Child Protesters


In a strange case of irony, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah called Senator Dianne Feinstein "childish" for her response to child protesters urging her to support the Green New Deal. After playing a clip of the exchange, which took place on Capitol Hill last week, Noah asked Feinstein "how are you the most childish person in a debate with actual children?" Noah proceeded to give some advice to Feinstein, which came across as far more childish than anything she said during her interaction with the protesters. Noah spoke directly to Senator Feinstein: "don't lecture the children, just lie to them." According to Noah, "she should have just been like, 'you want the Green New Deal? Okay, well, I'll talk to Santa about it, now get the (bleep) out of here, I don't negotiate with terrorists!"

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