Instead of Going With Dem Word Games Like Lib Media, Fox Calls Them Out


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During Tuesday’s edition of Special Report, congressional correspondent Jacqui Heinrich walked viewers through how Democratic lawmakers were twisting and perverting the English language to fit their political machinations. This stand for the fact that words have meaning ran counter to the liberal media, who didn’t just go along with the Orwellian redefining of words but actively took part and promoted it.

“Tonight, we examine some of the semantic gymnastics, if you will, currently on display by the Biden administration. The President and his team are seeking to redefine terms such as ‘bipartisan’ and ‘infrastructure’ to fit their agenda,” announced anchor Bret Baier at the top of the segment.

The first example Heinrich shared of Democrats trying to manipulate reality through language was the attempt to redefine the meaning of “bipartisan.”


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