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An inconvenient spokesperson ruins Univision's militia story


PEDRO ROJAS, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Anthony Agüero, spokesperson for the armed militia, said they are victims of serious attacks and threats.

ANTHONY AGÜERO, SPOKESPERSON, UNITED CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTS: Now, a person who loves his country and wants to do things right, is something that we consider to be a terrorist? I do not carry weapons, my weapon is my camera and that’s it.

ROJAS: Viper, the self-proclaimed new leader of the group today also told Univision that his group went down from twenty to only eight persons because many had to return to work and that has diminished their ability to patrol.

This open space on the border of New Mexico with Mexico has become one of the most frequented by groups of families in this area and at the same time has served as an excuse for groups of armed militias to justify their presence in this area.

Ramiro Cordero is spokesperson of the Border Patrol in El Paso and we asked him how they view the presence of the Constitutional Patriots.

RAMIRO CORDERO, SPOKESPERSON, BORDER PATROL AT EL PASO: They are entitled to do what they have to do, but they cannot interfere.

ROJAS: Anthony Agüero says that the Border Patrol agents appreciate them.

AGÜERO: I have not seen any kind of dispute or anything and there is respect between both teams.

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