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JOSÉ DÍAZ BALART, ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: Cruel and cynical. That´s how Democrats call President Trump´s plan to free migrants in sanctuary cities.

ILIA CALDERÓN, ANCHOR, UNIVISION: The mayors of some sanctuary cities in the United States reject the idea of President Trump to move to their areas immigrants who are coming across the border.

DÍAZ-BALART: In his proposal, called among other things as immoral and shameful

KEVIN DE LEÓN, FORMER SENATOR, (D) CALIFORNIA: I have never seen such an absurd and ridiculous policy

It´s a slap in the face

That President seeks revenge and to do everything possible to embarrass the leadership of the State of California.

MIGUEL PULIDO, MAYOR, SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA: He´s trying to use these poor people to punish sanctuary cities unmercifully. 


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