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Hasselbeck Grills W.H. Spokesman Over Obama Calling Paris ‘Setback’


<p>Video cross-posted <a href="…; target="_blank">here</a> at NewsBusters.&nbsp;On Wednesday&rsquo;s<em> Fox &amp; Friends</em>, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest over language used by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama following last week&rsquo;s ISIS terrorist attack in Paris.&nbsp;The Fox host strongly argued that Obama calling the Paris attack a mere &ldquo;setback&rdquo; and John Kerry saying the Charlie Hebdo attack was &ldquo;understandable&rdquo; was evidence the administration needs to change its &ldquo;verbiage&rdquo; because &ldquo;everyone in this world right now sees them as aloof, apathetic and quite cavalier about these lives being lost at the hands of ISIS.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>

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