Hannity Demands NYT Issue ‘Retraction,’ ‘Apology’ for Tying Him to Man Dying from Coronavirus


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

On Monday, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity publicly demanded The New York Times not only issue a correction, but apologize for a false and heinous April 18 column implicating him in the death of 74-year-old Brooklyn resident Joe Joyce from the coronavirus. Tuesday morning, The Times issued a statement in which they declined to do so and instead boasted Ginia Bellafante’s column was “accurate.”

Bellafante chronicled Joyce as a Fox News viewer and Trump supporter (and father of a friend) who went on a cruise that left March 1, and returned March 14 before his April 9 death. As for Hannity, she placed Joyce’s tale alongside Hannity saying on March 8 that the media were stirring up unnecessary fear about the virus to hurt Trump as reason for why he went on the cruise.

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