Gutfeld, Watters Torch A&E for Canceling ‘Live PD,’ Which Dared to Show ‘Cops Are Human’


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

The Five took its bite of the apple Thursday following Wednesday’s news that A&E would cancel the hit show Live PD on account of the fact that, in America 2020, the only acceptable assumption of police is they’re enemies of the people (unless proven otherwise). In this case, co-host Greg Gutfeld rallied to Live PD’s side despite the fact that he competed against them on Saturday nights with his eponymous FNC show.

“The show was a hit with revealing an unspeakable truth that cops are human. Maybe that’s why it was cancelled for showing the police as hardworking folks facing unpredictable and sometimes dangerous circumstances and because that didn’t fit the current narrative, it got pulled,” Gutfeld began, stating the reality that CNN and friends don’t want you to believe about police.

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