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Geraldo Frets PP Scandal ‘Might Put an End’ to ‘Garbage’ Used to ‘Be the Cure for Cancer’


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<p>On Tuesday&rsquo;s edition of <em>The Five</em> on the Fox News Channel (FNC), liberal panelist Geraldo Rivera defended Planned Parenthood in wake of the video scandal concerning body parts from aborted babies, fretting that it <strong>&ldquo;might put an end to the harvesting of what would be garbage&rdquo;</strong> that <strong>&ldquo;may&rdquo;</strong> help contribute to a <strong>&ldquo;cure for cancer&rdquo; </strong>or <strong>&ldquo;heart disease.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Moments after co-host Greg Gutfeld opened the segment with a commentary on the disturbing scandal, Rivera wondered to co-host Eric Bolling if he <strong>&ldquo;fear[ed]...that the scandal, the justifiable scandal over the callousness of the people portrayed in this video might put an end to the harvesting of what would be garbage, they would throw it away and there may be the cure for cancer in there.&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong></p>

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