GASLIGHTING: Joy Reid, Guest Insist Parents at School Board Meetings Are QAnon People


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In a segment that further illustrated her deep-seated racism and a juvenile yet repugnant disgust for any human who disagrees with her, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid used Wednesday’s show to insist that concerned parents and citizens who’ve spoken out at school board meetings over anti-racist and critical race theory curriculums are part of an “insidious underbelly of the GQP culture war” led by white people who are “steeped in...white nationalism” and QAnon.

With help from bad-faith actor and NBC reporter Ben Collins (who sees QAnon around seemingly every corner), Reid spent another evening implying conservatives and Republicans are enemies of the people and white people crippled in fear that hoards of Black people will steal and inflict pain upon their children. 

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