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Embarrassing: Check Out CNN's Latest Narcissistic Apple/Banana Ad


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Upon perusing CNN late Friday morning, the chest-thumping, sanctimonious news channel aired a new ad in its parody-laden yet irksome “Facts First” campaign featuring a mound of bananas while claiming there was a single, out-of-view apple. The ad served as CNN’s latest (and failed) attempt to convince viewers that it’s pro-truth when it’s actually anti-Trump and pro-Resistance. 

The 30-second spot had most of the same trademarks from the first ad back in October 2017 with the same narrator, white background, and piano tune. This time, however, there was a giant mound of bananas with only the top showing as the camera slowly panned back and bananas would, at random, fall down the mound towards the bottom. 

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