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CNN's Sciutto Petrified That Trump Will 'Soften' Demands on North Korea to Get a 'Win' to Distract From Cohen Testimony


Less than an hour before Michael Cohen was set to begin his testimony on Capitol Hill, the panel on CNN Newsroom appeared extremely worried that President Trump would make a bad deal with North Korea just to distract from the Michael Cohen testimony. Reporting from Vietnam, the supposedly objective Jim Sciutto talked about how President Trump was meeting with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea; which he described as "the most immediate threat to U.S. national security."  Sciutto continued: "while at home, he faces a clear and present danger, possibly to...his presidency, with Michael Cohen's testimony." Sciutto claimed that he "was told by members of the President's own national security team that they were concerned about a softening of U.S. positions, U.S. demands coming into these talks," mentioning a "wider concern that the President may give up too much to get a win as it were from these talks."  According to Sciutto, "he has a greater incentive for a win with the concerns about what Michael Cohen's going to testify to today."

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