CNN’s Cuomo Claims Being Pro-Life Is About Racism and Jim Crow


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With the Supreme Court set to hear a Mississippi case to challenge Roe V. Wade next session, CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo once again spit venom at those who were pro-life. He flaunted his ignorance of the pro-life movement as he suggested they didn’t understand science while also being pro-racism and akin to Jim Crow. And like a dunce, he claimed it was the Fourth Amendment that addressed the right to privacy.

Teasing his “BOLO” segment ahead of a commercial break, Fredo put on a serious tone as he warned viewers of Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s betrayal of women and “reproductive rights”:

The first major test of a woman's right, her liberty, controlling what happens to her body, since Trump got his third and final justice on the Supreme Court, has been set. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, her place on the bench as an outspoken advocate against reproductive rights. The next battle in the evolution of Roe V. Wade is upon us.

After the break, he knocked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the “6-3 decidedly conservative court.” Vilifying the conservative justices, he claimed “the Supreme Court of the United States that it will hear a case that could remove a woman's right to control their own body.”


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