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CNN Panel Repeatedly Suggests President Trump Sees Himself as a King


During the 3:00 p.m. hour of CNN Newsroom, the panel repeatedly compared President Trump to a king. According to CNN International Correspondent Max Foster, "he likes the idea of being a king, which would explain why he's so reverential in the palace environment." After host Brooke Baldwin asked about the presence of the President's adult children throughout the state visit, Foster remarked that "it's not completely unprecedented for a head of state to bring along their children to these state dinners." However, he could not resist going back to comparing President Trump to a king, noting his request for "a formal meeting between his children and Princes William and Harry," adding "it does suggest that he does see himself as a monarch able to pass on his power." CNN White House Reporter Kate Bennett suggested that "the President perhaps sees his children as American royalty or this is sort of our equivalent...the equivalency, which, you know, it's not at all how we operate in America."

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