Chuck Todd SHILLS for Hunter Biden, Lectures GOP Senator for ‘Gaslighting,’ Harming Politics


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Seeing as how his life has been personally enriched by his wife working for Democrats, it’s easy to see why MSNBC’s MTP Daily host Chuck Todd was so adamant about defending the sketchy business career of Hunter Biden. On Tuesday’s show, he emotionally lashed out at Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) as a gas lighter doing harm to American politics for daring to ask questions about the Bidens while defending impeachment.

The nearly-10-minute bout began at the very moment Kennedy dared to insist that both the President’s conversations with the Ukrainian president and Hunter Biden’s business dealings should be looked into (click “expand”):

No, no, Senator, Senator, no, no, I want you to be able to — I will give you a second to respond here, but here is where I find all this stuff a bunch of — of — it's hard to believe on the Hunter — it's hard to believe the concern about Hunter Biden by — by some of these folks making this case. If they were so serious about this, I'm trying to figure out why nobody from the FBI has been contacted. Not a single person. I don't understand why Rudy Giuliani thinks it's better to investigate an American via an outsourcing to a country that apparently they also didn't trust. Do you see why I'm skeptical that the Hunter Biden stuff is really that serious? If they were serious about it, you go to the FBI, you don't go to an oligarch in Ukraine. 

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