Charles Pierce Uses Pope’s Congressional Speech to Bash Ted Cruz; ‘He’s a Step Ahead of Folks’


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<p>Liberal <em>Esquire</em> political columnist Charles Pierce joined MSNBC&rsquo;s <em>All In </em>on Thursday during live coverage of Pope Francis&rsquo;s visit to New York City and used the occasion of the Pope&rsquo;s speech hours earlier before Congress to lash out at Ted Cruz and conservatives for not endorsing climate change or other liberal social issues that the Pontiff does.&nbsp;</p>

<p>After remarking how he noticed that<strong> &ldquo;[t]here wasn&rsquo;t a single accidental word&rdquo; </strong>in the Pope&rsquo;s speech and was <strong>&ldquo;less of a stem winder&rdquo; </strong>than expected, Pierce began his brief tirade by praising Francis for having<strong> &ldquo;this vast sense he gives off of not being judgmental after frankly two papacies of very judgmental men&rdquo;</strong> in Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.</p>

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