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CBS Worried GOP Congress Will Actually Pass Legislation


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<p>On Wednesday&#39;s <em>CBS This Morning</em>, co-host Norah O&#39;Donnell fretted that the newly elected Republican Congress would dare to pass legislation: <strong>&quot;If you look at a number of these new senators, they&#39;re quite conservative.</strong> Why wouldn&#39;t they go along with what Rand Paul has said? They&#39;re gonna send bills up to the President, as he told Charlie Rose last night, <strong>&#39;We&#39;re going to keep sending bills up to the President and we&#39;ll see whether the President wants to work with us or not.&#39; Is the President going to be forced to veto a bunch of bills?&quot;</strong></p>

<p>In response, political director John Dickerson had to give O&#39;Donnell a brief lesson on the Constitution: &quot;Yeah, but that&#39;s okay. That&#39;s the why it&#39;s supposed to work....the way they designed this whole American system was you could send them up, they get vetoed, then you have a conversation, you fix it, and then something goes through.&quot;</p>

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