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CBS Warns of GOP Being ‘Clueless and Insensitive Men’ Again


[See NewsBusters for more.] CBS This Morning journalists on Friday lectured that Republicans during the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault hearings are at risk of, once again, of being portrayed as “clueless and insensitive men.” Just like in the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings from 1991. To bolster this, CBS played clips of Senators questioning Hill. Except the examples included mostly weren’t of Republicans, but instead Democratic Senators Joe Biden and Howell Heflin as well as Alan Simpson and then-Republican Arlen Specter (who would later switch parties to become a Democrat). After playing the clips, co-host Gayle King lamented, “...You look at that video and it makes you wince. You look at Anita Hill's face and the questions she had to take and had to answer, is this a case of deja-vu all over again?” New York Times writer Jodi Kantor chided, “The Republican senators don't want to look like clueless and insensitive men, grilling a woman. They may end up that way anyway.” 

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