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Carr Highlights Media's Lack of Interest in Attack on MAGA Hat Wearer



An illegal immigrant was taken into custody and detained by ICE after attacking a person in a Make America Great Again hat in Massachusetts. The media ignored the story but Tucker Carlson brought it up on his show Tuesday night, bringing in Massachusetts radio host Howie Carr to discuss the matter.  Carlson described the attack as "the perfect story" but Carr disagreed: "it doesn't fit the narrative. It's an American citizen being attacked by a woman who turns out to be an illegal alien by her own admission." Carr said that the story has "all the elements" of a sensational story that the media would be traditionally attracted to. Carr said he texted the victim and told him "so I guess you'll be on with Robin Roberts tomorrow on GMA and then you'll go on with Brooke Baldwin and she can say 'this is America in 2019.'"  According to Carr, "Nobody called him, Tucker, except for one group nationally; two groups if you include my radio show: Fox & Friends wants him on. Nobody else called him."  Carlson concluded that "if they got rid of the few independent voices in media and we're one and you are one, it would just be a chorus singing the same tune and that's what they want."


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