Bozell Trashes Media Over Rice Spin; ‘CNN Has Been on a Jihad’ Against Anyone Who Covers It


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<p>Appearing on the Tuesday edition of the Fox Business Network&rsquo;s <em>After the Bell</em>, Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell didn&rsquo;t mince words when it came to the liberal media&rsquo;s scant coverage of the Susan Rice <strong>&ldquo;unmasking&rdquo; </strong>story, ruling<strong> &ldquo;CNN has been on a jihad&rdquo; </strong>against outlet that have dared cover it.</p>

<p>Bozell appeared alongside co-host David Asman, who introduced by Bozell by pointing out that<strong> &ldquo;the mainstream media essentially dismissing the Susan Rice story today&rdquo;</strong> as <strong>&ldquo;when it [came] to the network evening news last night, CBS devoted a whopping 46 seconds to the story, but that was a lot compared to others who didn&#39;t cover it at all.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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