BOOM: Doocy Brings Receipts on Biden Backing the Filibuster, Leaving Fox Off Press Lists


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

A day after he was left off the pre-selected list of reporters to be called on at President Biden’s first press conference, Fox News Channel White House correspondent Peter Doocy came locked and loaded for Friday’s regular briefing, blasting Press Secretary Jen Psaki over Biden’s past support for the Senate filibuster, the administration’s misleading claims about the border, and the administration’s clear insulating of the President from Fox.

Doocy cut right to the chase as the fourth reporter called on, noting that Biden has “said he thinks the filibuster is a legacy of the Jim Crow era” and then asking whether he thought so in 2005:

Did he think that it was the legacy of Jim Crow era in 2005 when he defended the filibuster and said, altering Senate rules to help one political fighter over another could become standard operating procedure, which in my view would be disastrous.”

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