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Bob Woodward on Government Shutdown and Mattis Resignation: 'This is a Dangerous Time'


Just three days after his old partner in the Watergate reporting, Carl Bernstein appeared on CNN and argued that Defense Secretary James Mattis's resignation letter proved President Trump was "unfit" to serve as President, Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward appeared on CNN's New Day, where he argued that the Trump administration was in the middle of a "governing crisis," citing guest host Erica Hill's reference to anonymous sources claiming that President Trump makes his national security decisions "on a whim on phone calls." Woodward repeatedly tried to paint Mattis and former Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn as the glue that held the White House together and kept "really bad things from happening." After mentioning that they're both gone now, Woodward warned: "we better face the reality...this is a dangerous time. This is not just another government shutdown or another example of this impasse. It is something people better think about." Hill agreed, describing the current situation in Washington as "uncharted territory." Throughout the course of the conversation, Hill asked Woodward if he had made contact with any of his sources for his book, Fear, which paints an unfavorable portrait of the Trump White House, and also brought up the New York Times op-ed by an anonymous Trump White House staffer. 

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