BET, MTV Townhall Smears Police as Hunters, America as Racist; Urges Defunding All Police (Part 1)


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<p>On Friday night, BET and MTV convened an hour-long, commercial-free townhall on police-involved shootings of African-Americans with only distant mentions of what transpired the night before in Dallas but focused heavily on denigrating law enforcement as hunters and<strong> &ldquo;a gang&rdquo; </strong>meant to terrorize blacks from America&rsquo;s founding, the need for white people to recognize privilege, and lobby for the defunding of police nationwide.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Aside from a brief discussion with a former New York City detective, the so-called<strong> &ldquo;historic&rdquo;</strong> conversation was anything but in its one-sided, anti-police rhetoric that even went as far as to suggest the media at large weren&rsquo;t doing their job in giving enough coverage to police shootings.&nbsp;</p>

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