After Warning of Fentanyl Surge at Border, NBC Scoffs at GOP for Caring


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On Tuesday, NBC Nightly News surprised some by taking up the border crisis (though they continued to avoid that term) and warning that unprecedented levels of Fentanyl and other drugs were making their way across the border. But come Wednesday, the network flipped on a dime and took to scoffing at Republican efforts in Texas to curb the smuggling of the deadly substance along with ending illegal immigrant crossings.

“We have reported on the soaring number of migrants at the border but now another troubling trend, the staggering rise of drug smuggling,” announced anchor Lester Holt on Tuesday. Correspondent Gabe Gutierrez backing him up, noting that “Now with authorities tied up processing a historic number of migrants, more drug smuggling in the desert.”

Adding: “Fentanyl being pushed through the desert around El Paso is up more than 355 percent compared to last year and 4,000 percent more than 2018.” Gutierrez also explained that the drug cartels were now making the drug themselves with materials sourced from China.


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