ABC’s Karl Refuses to Admit Biden Is Beholden to Uncaring Teachers’ Unions


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Between Sunday’s Good Morning America and This Week, ABC News and chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl tried to frame the Biden’s administration’s aversion to the science-driven reopening of schools as just a problem with messaging, and avoided the fact Biden was beholden to uncaring teachers’ unions. Karl even got into an argument with Republican Congressman Steve Scalise (LA), over whether Biden should be applying pressure to reopen schools.

Responding to a question from GMA co-anchor Dan Harris about “inconstant messaging” from the White House, Karl noted that they had moved to goalpost around significantly but there was particular confusion about their position on vaccinating teachers first.

“And then there’s the question of, do teachers need to be vaccinated first? The official position from the CDC is that’s not necessary. Fauci has said it's not necessary. But it's interesting, Biden and Harris have both had a hard time asking that question directly,” he said.

His first interview on This Week, where he was filling in as host, was with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. He began by meekly questioning her about what the goal was for reopening grades. “Is this realistic? Are we going to see the majority of schools open in this country by April,” he wondered.


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