ABC, NBC Cheer Trump Attacking Ted Cruz over Carson Rumors; Give Story Over Six Minutes


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<p>The liberal media continued to act as promoters of Donald Trump on Wednesday ABC&rsquo;s <em>World News Tonight</em> and <em>NBC Nightly News</em> devoted over six minutes to Trump accusing Ted Cruz of &ldquo;stealing&rdquo; the Iowa caucuses while the<em> CBS Evening News </em>spent only 35 seconds on Trump and Ben Carson lashing out at Cruz.</p>

<p>Among the most intense moments was ABC&rsquo;s Republican correspondent Tom Llamas clashing with Cruz during a press conference using Trump&rsquo;s talking points about the Cruz campaign supposedly using <strong>&ldquo;a dirty trick to confuse voters&rdquo;</strong> into not voting for Carson (due to a report that he would be leaving Iowa to go home to Florida).</p>

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