ABC, NBC Already Itching for Biden to Ditch Unity and ‘Ram’ Agenda


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The only unity the liberal media were interested in was their way or the highway. The unity between ABC and NBC was obvious Sunday morning, as each broadcast network showed that they were already getting fed up with the days-old Biden administration for continuing to preach unity and healing despite Republican pushback on policy. While NBC’s opposition was the strongest, ABC didn’t get the answer they wanted from a commentator.

After some banter about the new studio and set for NBC’s Meet The Press, Sunday Today host Willie Geist questioned political director Chuck Todd about Biden’s instance on sticking with his campaign message of unity.

“Joe Biden hoping to get through the $1.9 trillion package, already meeting resistance from Republicans on the Senate on many aspects of it and also pushback on other proposals,” Geist said. “Now that we are into it, now that we got the nitty-gritty in front of us, can Joe Biden begin to get his agenda through, or is he going to meet that resistance all the way?

At first, Todd told his host that Biden’s answer would be “‘Yes’ to both of them, meaning, he can pass his agenda, at least this COVID relief bill, and at the same time struggle with unity with it.”


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