Threat of Modern-day Eugenics & Euthanasia

  • LmTVGuy
  • November. 30. 2009
Mark Mostert, PhD, Director, Institute for the Study of Disabilities and Bioethics discusses the threat that modern day eugenics, assisted suicide and euthanasia pose to someone with a disability or perceived...

Photo: 21 week-old fetus grasps his surgeon's finger

  • LmTVGuy
  • November. 30. 2009
Michael Clancy, Photo Journalist, discusses story behind the World Famous Photograph of 21 week-old boy in the womb grasp of his surgeon's finger during a Spina Bifida operation. show 239, 07/31/08 , www.lifematterstv.com

Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D. Neuroscientist and Bioethicist discusses the slippery slope from In Vitro Fertilization to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. show 172, 03/29/07, www.lifematterstv.com

Great video of Fetus Ultrasound

Linda Thayer discusses Ultra Sound Eyewitness to first days of Life during the first trimester. This great video of the ultrasound has proven to be a good training tool. show 081, 06/16/05 , www.lifematterstv.com

Umbert the Unborn’ Comic Strip

Gary Cangemi, Cartoonist discusses His ‘Umbert the Unborn’ Comic Strip and the Pro-Life Message. Show #154, 11/16/06, www.lifematterstv.com

Curing Infertility/Pregnancy Problems

Dr. Paul Carpentier, NaPro Technology discusses problem pregnancies & Curing most infertility & PMS problems while staying true to your Catholic faith. Certified by Pope Paul VI Institute for the study...