Threat of Modern-day Eugenics & Euthanasia

  • LmTVGuy
  • November. 30. 2009
Mark Mostert, PhD, Director, Institute for the Study of Disabilities and Bioethics discusses the threat that modern day eugenics, assisted suicide and euthanasia pose to someone with a disability or perceived...

Photo: 21 week-old fetus grasps his surgeon's finger

  • LmTVGuy
  • November. 30. 2009
Michael Clancy, Photo Journalist, discusses story behind the World Famous Photograph of 21 week-old boy in the womb grasp of his surgeon's finger during a Spina Bifida operation. show 239, 07/31/08 ,

Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk, Ph.D. Neuroscientist and Bioethicist discusses the slippery slope from In Vitro Fertilization to Embryonic Stem Cell Research. show 172, 03/29/07,

Great video of Fetus Ultrasound

Linda Thayer discusses Ultra Sound Eyewitness to first days of Life during the first trimester. This great video of the ultrasound has proven to be a good training tool. show 081, 06/16/05 ,

Umbert the Unborn’ Comic Strip

Gary Cangemi, Cartoonist discusses His ‘Umbert the Unborn’ Comic Strip and the Pro-Life Message. Show #154, 11/16/06,

Curing Infertility/Pregnancy Problems

Dr. Paul Carpentier, NaPro Technology discusses problem pregnancies & Curing most infertility & PMS problems while staying true to your Catholic faith. Certified by Pope Paul VI Institute for the study...