Life Matters TV

Threat of Modern-day Eugenics & Euthanasia

  • LmTVGuy
  • November. 30. 2009
Mark Mostert, PhD, Director, Institute for the Study of Disabilities and Bioethics discusses the threat that modern day eugenics, assisted suicide and euthanasia pose to someone with a disability or perceived...

Two Women Regret Their Abortions

  • LmTVGuy
  • December. 20. 2008
Tracy Reynolds,Justice Foundation & Kelly Roy, Outcry of NH. Two post abortive women share testimony and regret over their abortions & actions taken since to counter the devastation caused by abortion....

Low Birth Rates & Worldwide Demographic Winter

  • LmTVGuy
  • November. 14. 2008
Don Feder, author, columnist and communications director of the World Congress of Families, discusses low birth rates and the worldwide demographic winter. (Show #232, 6/12/08,

The Buffer Zone Against Pro-Life Counselors

  • LmTVGuy
  • February. 14. 2008
Attorney Philip Moran, president of the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund Of Massachusetts, explains the new "buffer zone" lawsuit challenging a law that expanded the sidewalk buffer zone to 35 feet. (Show 215,...

Down's Syndrome Pregnancies

  • LmTVGuy
  • September. 20. 2007
Brian G. Skotko, a physician and author at Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital, discusses Down's Syndrome pregnancies. (Show #197, Life Matters TV)

The Link Between Abortion And Breast Cancer

Joel Brind, a professor of biology and endocrinology and president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, discusses the link between abortion and contracting breast cancer. Flawed medical research...

Life Matters TV: Video Proof Of Life In The Womb

  • LmTVGuy
  • April. 26. 2007
Jim Sedlak of American Life League and STOPP International shows a video of a baby developing in the womb with four-dimensional ultrasound and discusses Planned Parenthood's tactics to infiltrate schools,...