Grover Norquist

MSNBC Laughs at Norquist...Literally

During his interview on MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner, Grover Norquist stated that a VAT would turn America into a European-style Socialist nation.  Norquist’s opposition to a VAT drew overt...

Sen. Simpson: Norquist Should Drown

Former Senator Alan Simpson of the Simpson-Bowles Commission stated that he wished Grover Norquist would drown for his opposition to tax increases.  Chris Matthews seemed oddly amused at this prospect.

CNN Pleads With Republicans, 'Don't Fear the Grover'

  • MattH
  • November. 26. 2012
CNN dropped its journalistic integrity and pushed for compromise on the fiscal cliff negotiations. Anchor Carol Costello even asked if it was a good thing certain Republicans were "throwing Grover Norquist...