Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes Passes Away at 66

Liberal political commentator, radio host and former Fox News co-host Alan Colmes died Thursday morning at the age of 66. Colmes passed away after a bout with what Fox News called “a brief illness.”...

Alan Colmes Attacks NewsBusters

Liberal Fox contributor Alan Colmes attacked NewsBusters for its criticism of a puff piece on Hillary Clinton by the Washington Post.  Colmes says that the “anti-liberal” Newsbusters would only...

Alan Colmes Jokes About McCain's Age

  • DannyG
  • June. 25. 2008
In defending Barack Obama's flip-flops on June 24, Fox talker Alan Colmes took a potshot at John McCain's age. He backed off and apologized when challenged by co-host Sean Hannity.