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Colbert Delights as Lithgow Reads Aloud Anti-Trump Poetry


The Late Show host Stephen Colbert delighted as his guest, actor John Lithgow, read aloud some poetry from his book Dumpty: The Age of Trump in Verse.  Lithgow ended up reading two stanzas from the last poem in the book, which focuses on the aftermath of the Mueller report. The poetry definitely buys into the conspiracy theory that Attorney General Bill Barr has worked to cover up the actual contents of the Mueller report and misrepresent it as more favorable to President Trump than it actually is.  The poem reads in part, "thus began Barr's campaign to covertly impede it, since he, only he, was entitled to read it, in fact, he just gave it a cursory glance, but that hadn't thwarted his victory dance, nor forestalled his appalling misrepresentation, proclaiming the POTUS's exoneration." Not surprisingly, Lithgow's anti-Trump poetry caused Colbert and his audience to erupt into applause.

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