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Yale Professor: Marco Rubio Only Tweeting Republican Parts of the Bible


A reading from the Second letter to Politico: King Solomon was a Republican. 

Not actually. But Joe Baden, a professor of Hebrew Bible at Yale, seems to indicate that he was. The professor wrote an opinion piece for Politico accusing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for "tweeting the most Republican parts of the Bible." 

Rubio has been tweeting a lot of Proverbs quotes lately. According to Baden, "Proverbs is probably the most Republican book of the entire Bible."

Apparently, wise Solomon--who is traditionally held to have written Proverbs--foresaw the 1854 founding of the Republican Party and wrote a bunch of stuff about hard work to further its cause. 

Rubio and his colleague Senator James Lankford roasted the OpEd on Twitter: 



Americans have a funny habit of imposing their political distinctions on other countries, religions, time periods and now the Bible itself. Finding the conservative or liberal element of something completely outside of the American political sphere may seem like a smart take at the time but, as it says in Proverbs 26:12:  

People who think they are wise when they are not are worse than fools.

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