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Will Ferrell in PSA Calling for #DeviceFreeDinner


Put the phone down! There’s living, breathing people that you’re supposed to care about at the table!

Actor Will Ferrell has joined together with non-profit organization Common Sense Media in order to release a new public service announcement (PSA) calling on families to put their devices, phones and tablets, down while attempting to have dinner with each other — you know, like most families used to do before we were all “connected.”

Common Sense Media has dubbed the campaign #DeviceFreeDinner. 

In the PSA video, Ferrell is actually the one on his phone after asking how his family’s, who are all sitting together at the dinner table, day’s were.

Before a single sentence could be finished, Ferrell was on his phone. The rest of the family told him, “Put it [cell phone] in the basket.”

Here’s the video:

“We know that kids who have family dinners get better grades, have healthier eating habits, and have fewer behavior problems," said Margaret Johnson, partner and CCO at GS&P, the firm who developed the PSA.

Something like this is definitely a step in the right direction. In an age where most information you could ever want to know is available right at your fingertips, maybe it’s time to give your fingertips a rest and actually interact with other human beings.

Just because it’s called social media, doesn’t mean it makes you more sociable.

H/T: Fox Business

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