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WATCH: Woman Claims 9 Year Old Boy Sexually Assaulted Her


“Believe all women,” is a common chant among the Left today and people have been blindly following these words to their own detriment, whether they realize it or not.

When President Trump said, “It’s a very scary time for young men in America, when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of.” Liberals were in a fit about it, but the claim he made was very true.

On Wednesday of last week, a woman who was inside a New York deli claimed she was sexually assaulted by a 9 year old boy, according to PIX 11 News.

Theresa Klein, or “Corner Store Caroline” as neighbors coin her said, “The son grabbed my a**.” A confrontation between Klein and the boy’s mother can be seen on a video uploaded to Facebook. “No, I was just was sexually assaulted by a child,” she told the authorities she called on the phone.

Surveillance video showed something very different than what Klein claimed. 

It shows the 9 year old walking in the store just ahead of his mother while Klein appears to be ordering something from over the counter.  The boy looks to have just grazed Klein slightly (and unintentionally) with his backpack.  

Klein didn't back down from her version of the story, “I was standing at the counter, I was sexually assaulted,“ she told PIX 11.

Witnesses and neighbors expressed their frustration with Klein as they interrupted a TV interview she was doing.  They made it clear that this wasn’t the first time Klein had called the police on someone, claiming she has a history of this kind of behavior.

This is another reason we should not just “believe all women” just because they claim someone sexually assaulted them.  The evidence here was very clear.  Believe facts, believe evidence, it’s a lot better and a whole lot more reliable.

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