WATCH: Surfer Escapes Unharmed After Punching Shark During Attack


Professional surfer Mick Fanning was lucky to escape the water with his limbs intact this Sunday at the 2015 J-Bay Open surf competition in South Africa, after a pair of sharks attempted to pull him into the depths.

Fanning, while wading into the surf, faced everyone's worst nightmare in the open water as a large fin swooped right up to him.

A CBS Sports report reveals that Fanning came under attack by two sharks, although only one is visible on film.

Fanning alleges the sharks came right up to his board, and that he punched one of the predators in the back in order to defend himself.

The contest was put on hold, and a boat helped get Fanning out of the water.

Watch the incredible video from the World Surf League of Fanning's close encounter.

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