WATCH: Manhattan Madness – Rioters Take To The Streets

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At least 60 people were reportedly arrested in Manhattan on Wednesday night as demonstrators set fires, assaulted police and chanted.


The New York Post reports that outdoor diners at restaurants were once again targeted.

 ‘F–k your dinner,’ some chanted as they passed the Waverly Place eatery. Others also chanted, ‘Burn the precinct to the ground.’

At West 4th Street and Sixth Avenue, protesters set fire to a pile of garbage, which was later put out by police.

About 8 p.m., a clash erupted when the group was met by scores of cops in riot gear at Leroy Street and Seventh Avenue.

24-year-old Devina Singh, can be seen on video spitting in an officer’s face after screaming, “F–k you, fascist.” She was arrested.


Authorities recovered a Taser, two knives and M80s while policing the demonstration, according to the Post.

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