WATCH: Fmr. Cop Blasts the 'Unacceptable' Number of Police Officers Killed in 2018


Apparently, you can get dangerously close to the all-time high of police officers killed in the line of duty and the Leftist media still won’t give those stories any airtime. I guess that’s easy to do when your modus operandi is to take down a sitting U.S. president.

Former Atlanta police officer and “Beyond the Badge” podcaster Vincent Hill joined “Fox & Friends” on Monday to talk about the increase in cops being killed in the line of duty and the lack of coverage by media outlets.

Hill and Fox News’ Steve Doocy talked about the case of Sedgwick County (Kan.) Deputy Robert Kunze III, who was killed Sunday afternoon as a result of a struggle with an armed suspect.

Here’s part of what Hill said about the lack of respect for police officers:

While certain people were out on the field kneeling because of the national anthem, who’s kneeling for this officer? You know, there was a shoe company, you may have heard of them, called Nike. They came out with a slogan that said, ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.’

Well, police in this country do that every single day. Their families do that every single day. But, they’re not the spokesperson of Nike. They’re not getting these million-dollar endorsements. That’s tragic that that’s the world we live in right now.

You can take a look at the full interview below:

Hill also noted how the media is typically silent when an officer is killed.

“You look at Fort Worth, Texas, Officer [Garrett] Hull on this past Friday was shot and killed. He was shot in the head,” Hill said. “But, more disturbing than that, I checked many mainstream media websites. I didn’t see two sentences about that.”

Hull was murdered last Friday while attempting to confront three men suspected in “15 robberies of mostly Latino bars in the Fort Worth area,” according to Fox News.

How many officers need to be killed for people to take notice and say something is wrong here? How many officers need to be killed for people to give the same amount of gravity as they give when the media pushes a supposedly “racial” shooting involving law enforcement?

“Enough is enough,” Hill said. “When are we going to get past this? If we hit 40 [officers killed in 2018], Steve — and we’re almost there — that will be the highest number of police officers killed in one year by gunfire. That is unacceptable.”

It’s indeed “unacceptable,” especially considering the U.S. is already at 36 officers killed in the line of duty with three-and-a-half months to go in 2018.

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