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SOTU Meltdown: Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression!


In this week’s edition of Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression it’s a focus on the State of The Union – and on how the liberal media just couldn’t handle it.

President Trump mentions some crimes committed by MS-13, and the liberal media goes into a nonsensical argument that the violent gang is something no one outside of Fox News viewers has ever heard of.

The liberal media insinuates that First Lady Melania Trump is protesting her own husband by wearing white. Yes, it really has become this pathetic.

While the media focus their hate on the Trumps, they freely heap love and praise on each other. I give you this on-air quote from Actor/Director Rob Reiner during SOTU coverage on MSNBC:

“I feel bad for you, intelligent people like you [Chris Matthews] and Rachel [Maddow] and Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace and Lawrence O’Donnell and Gene Robinson, you all have to sit there and talk about this guy as if he’s a president.”

Liberal media simply revel in any show of disrespect to the president. Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow get gleeful while describing the moment they saw someone give the president the middle finger.

One questions how they got through journalism school, while stuck in grade school.

For additional info on these stories and more, check out NewsBusters.

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