U.K. Feminist Wears 'Woman: Adult Female' Shirt, Barred from Pub for Offending Trans People


If a t-shirt of a literal definition of a normally benign word offends you and wounds your delicate sensibilities to the point you have to "taddle" on people, then you’re too sensitive to be out in public and might need to seek professional help.

A woman in the U.K. — go figure — was recently banned from her local pub for wearing a shirt that literally had the definition of the word “woman” on the front of it.

The upside of all this is that the Left is continuing to eat their own.

British Feminist Rebecca Wershbale wore the shirt with the definition of “woman” emblazoned on the front. The shirt noted that the definition of “woman” is an “adult human female.” Well, that upset a gay man, Mika Johnson.

After an exchange in which Johnson told Wershbale that he didn’t want to talk to her, a representative for the Five Clouds Tap and Bottle pub in the English market town of Macclesfield told Wershbale that she had been barred from the establishment.

“She [the pub representative] mumbled a bit about it being transphobic and that I had been transphobic previously,” Wershbale said, according to the Daily Mail. “She then said I was barred and that she had been nominated by the other bar staff to come to tell me that."

Wershbale has reportedly been a supporter of feminist group Fair Play For Women, who are currently opposing a government proposal to change the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) in order to “allow people to self-identify as the gender they believe they are without any medical diagnosis."

That sounds like a healthy practice.

Apparently, feminists are against this change because it’s feared that the change “will harm the safety and privacy of women.” Weren't American conservatives saying the same thing a couple of years ago when trans people began to be allowed into bathrooms of opposing genders? I guess it takes a few years to realize that their brand of "tolerance" does more harm than good.

As the Daily Mail reported:

However, she insisted she was not transphobic and is only against the reform of the law because she believes it could put women’s safety at risk by allowing men who say they are female access to women-only spaces.

Tory MP David Davies said: ‘Terrifyingly this insidious creep of open debate no longer being tolerated and freedom of speech being suppressed is now spreading from our university campuses to the streets of our historic market towns. It is a very sad day when a woman is barred from her pub for wearing a T-shirt that states the obvious because it might offend transgender people.’

Honestly, who cares if someone is offended by something? I understand that offending someone is akin to murder and gang rape in the U.K. But, what actually happens to someone when they’re offended? Oh, nothing actually happens to them? Got it.

(Image: YouTube Screenshot/The Liberty Hound)

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