Uber Adds Mask Requirement for Riders & Drivers as Company Cuts 3,000 Jobs, Shuts 45 Offices


As some businesses begin to open up in some places across the country, companies like Uber could see a resurgence after months of declining numbers. Unfortunately, it appears for now that the damage has already been done in terms of shutdown orders impacting certain businesses like Uber.

On the same day that Uber begins enforcing a new rule that both drivers and riders have to wear facial masks in order to do business and get around, Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi announced that the company will be cutting 3,000 jobs and closing 45 offices.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Uber doesn't classify its drivers as employees, so they are exempt from the cost-cutting measure.

The WSJ reported:

Mr. Khosrowshahi announced the plans in an email to staff Monday, less than two weeks after the company said it would eliminate about 3,700 jobs and planned to save more than $1 billion in fixed costs. Monday’s decision to close 45 offices and lay off some 3,000 additional people means Uber is shedding roughly a quarter of its workforce in under a month’s time[...]

Stay-at-home orders have ravaged Uber’s core ride-hailing business, which accounted for three-quarters of the company’s revenue before the pandemic struck. Uber’s rides business in April was down 80% from a year earlier.

As for the mask requirement, drivers now also have to confirm they don't have any COVID-19 symptoms, as well as regularly sanitize their vehicles and wash their hands.

Here's Uber's YouTube video detailing how they want their drivers to stay safe and use their face masks:


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